Our Students from Pharmacy branch:

  • Ajkuna Miha
  • Judita Perndrecaj
  • Doris Merko

Since one month with scholarships under the Erasmus + program, they are attending academic studies at D’Annunzio i Chieti University in Peskara, Italy. The experience of academic studies has the opportunity to participate in various tours in Italy, Poland, sports and entertainment activities with Italian and international students.

If you have interested students, you will be able to attend some of the studies, practices and entertainment in Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Turkey, etc.

Students from the D’Annunzio University of Chieti in Peskara, Italy, Pharmacy Branch:

  • Paola Campanella
  • Lucrezia Farina

Since from 3 months with scholarships under the Erasmus + program, they are attending the academic studies with us at the Pharmacy Branch. Soon other students from Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Turkey will attend their academics studies at Aldent University. You will have more opportunities to become familiar with different cultures and to have new societies with international students.