Ethics CouncilFunctioning of the Ethics CouncilThe Code of Ethics and the Rules of the Ethics Council

The Ethics Council of “Aldent” University is established by the decision of the Academic Senate. Ethics   Council consists of 4 members, selected among the academic staff of the University. Its members have a 4 year mandate.

  1. The primary duty of the Ethics Board is reviewing and discussing issues related to the ethics of university life (educational, research activities, and other) at “Aldent” University.
  2. Ethics Council makes decisions and submits proposals to the Rector of the University.
  1. The Academic Senate appoints the Chairman of the Ethics Council and its members.
  2. The Ethics Council meets whenever it receives a request for review by any subjects specified in paragraph 4 of this Article.
  3. The request presented for review to the Ethics Council contains data of the applicant, a brief description of the issue for discussion, as well as accompanying materials which would serve to examine the case.
  4. The Ethics Council considers requests submitted by:
    • Academic Senate;
    • Administration Board;
    • Rector;
    • Deputy Rector-s;
    • Dean-s;
    • Student Council;
    • At least 2 members of the academic staff of the University.
  1. The Code of Ethics is discussed by the Ethics Council, and afterward it goes for approval to the Academic Senate.
  2. The Rules of Ethics Council includes detailed rules regarding the organization and functioning of the Ethics Council and its process of decision-making.