The Academic Senate has approved student fees to be applied by Aldent University for each study program in the academic year 2016-2017.


1.  Master of Science in “Dentistry” 4000 Euro for 1 year of study
2.         Master of Science in “Pharmacy 3500 Euro for 1 year of study
3.        Bachelor in Nursing 2000 Euro for 1 year of study
4.        Bachelor in Physiotherapy 2000 Euro for 1 year of study
5.        Bachelor in “Dental Technology” 2500 Euro for 1 year of study
6.        Bachelor in “Medical Laboratory Technician” 2000 Euro for 1 year of study


  • If they pay for the brand 3 months of the beginning of the academic year, they will benefit 10% off school fees.
  • If there are 2 people from a family (sister, brother, etc.) get  discount on school fees.
  • Administrative services in the secretary (student certificate, school certificate, etc.) in the departments (study programs and teaching plans, attendance certificates) are offered without any additional fees for any student currently graduated or graduated from Aldent University.
  • The student does not make any additional fees for the exams carried out, even if they are repeated more than 2 times.
  • The student does not reimburse the academic year if it has remained due to the lack of credit to pass in the following year.
  • When a student submits an application for important family reasons (death of a parent, serious illness), a reduction in payment is made.
  • No payment is made regarding the diploma and diploma protection 
  • Transportation to the Kashar Campus is provided by the University without any additional costs.
  • End of the year, graduation nights are funded by the University.