The Head of Base UnitsFunctions and powers of Head of Base UnitThe mandate, appointment and dismissal of the Head of Base UnitEnd of mandate of the Head of Base Unit
  1. The Head of the base unit (Head of Department / Director of the Scientific Research Centre) is a leading authority in the base unit, which is the main unit of the University.
  2. The head of the base unit must be from the ranks of academic staff holding the title of “Professor” or title of “Doctor” (PhD) acquired at universities in member countries of the OECD or EU. In cases where there are no candidates fulfilling these criteria, a lecturer may run for this post if he holds the title of “Doctor”.

The Head of the base unit has the following functions and powers:

  1. Runs and represents the base unit;
  2. Manages and oversees all teaching – educational and scientific activity of the base unit;
  3. During each semester and academic year, identifies the needs for full-time and part-time academic staff following the legal criteria for this process, and submits these findings to the respective Dean and to the Rector, to make projections regarding recruitment of academic staff;
  4. In collaboration with the Dean, offers to the respective recruitment committee the announced candidacies for full-time and part-time academic staff, applying a transparent and open process;
  5. Sets organizational monitoring provisions for a normal development of teaching and research activity, by the employees of the base unit he supervises;
  6. Suggests to the Dean candidates for exam commission members or candidates for diploma certification boards, for programs covered by the base unit he manages;
  7. Encourages and motivates the staff to efficiently perform tasks as part of the learning process, and also in the field of scientific research;
  8. Requires revisions and improvements of study programs and curriculum, based on the needs of the unit and academic indicators;
  9. Presents to the respective Dean the process of developing professional business practices in commercial entities (LLC, JSC) or/and other institutions;
  10. Presents to the respective Dean the criteria for registration of students, while the latter forwards them to the Senate for approval;
  11. Presents to Academic Senate for approval, admission quotas for each study program;
  12. Performs other duties specified in the legislation in force, in the University Statute or other acts.

Dekani kryen detyra të tjera të përcaktuara në legjislacionin në fuqi, në Statutin e Universitetit apo akte të tjera.

  • The Head of Base unit is appointed and decreed by The Rector, in accordance with the provisions of this Statute and according to the procedures provided in the University Election Regulation.
  • Head of Department/Unit Director is appointed to a 4 year mandate.
  1. The mandate of the Head of Base Unit ends with the end of the period for which he was appointed.
  2. His mandate may end prematurely when he:
    1. Resigns;
    2. Is deceased;
    3. Becomes physically or mentally incapable to fulfill his duties;
    4. When his dismissal is decreed;
    5. When he is sentenced for committing a penal offense by a final decision of the courts;