The Aldent Alumni is an initiative made by the University of Aldent that consists of an organization of all students who have received their diplomas while attending the University of Aldent and the students who will be receiving their diplomas in the future.

The main purpose of this organization is to retain a strong bond with its students, to unify and to promote all students who have graduated from the auditoriums of the University of Aldent, as well as to encourage their involvement in conferences, activities and in various seminar trainings pertaining to their chosen diplomas.

Additionally, this initiative intends to unite all the graduates of the University of Aldent to support one another through the exchange of information through periodic meetings organized by the University of Aldent in the framework of “Alumni Aldent” and online forums.

The university helps their graduated students through the following opportunities:

Internships in various companies, references for postgraduate studies and for employment, for involvement in projects by University of Aldent especially in projects and studies organized by the Scientific Research Center, through publications of their work in different scientific magazines as well as private and public employment opportunities.

On the other hand, the Alumni are able to contribute through the information and assistant that they give to current students in regard to employment.

The university and the office of Alumni owes a special attention to the conservation of a database of the former graduate students entitled “Alumni Aldent Database” where the status of every graduate student is detailed such as whether they are employed or not, their career advancements, further academic qualifications specifically for this group as well as the assistance that has been provided for their career and educational advancement.


Orientation procedures/policies for students at Aldent University

  1. Informing students on their professions, their employment in relation to the chosen profession and recognition of labor market needs.

Information on the profession: is provided through various activities the university organizes for students (visits to clinics, ALU laboratories, hospitals, state and private clinics, videos related to the chosen professions)

Description of professions includes information on the nature of work, what are the main tasks (dentist, pharmacist, nurse, physiotherapist, dental technician), what other characteristics are required for this profession etc.

This is an activity which takes place every year in April and . Here the first-year students get better acquainted with the nature of their profession, through professional practices, which they are likely to conduct at health centers Aldent University has signed agreements with, or at the University clinic. This experience continues during the whole course of undergraduate studies.


  1. Information of students before their graduation, on employment prospects and getting to know the labor market:

An information day is one of the activities organized by the University in the context of student information regarding their future employment. This activity is implemented by organizing a “Round Table” with the participation of different employers and students, and is mainly an event held in recent years.

The main purpose of this meeting is to inform students about vacant positions, establishing contacts with employers of various companies and considering the different employment opportunities for students of Aldent University.  


  1. Information Days include other activities such as various meetings between companies that offer not only in-country employment, but also abroad. Here we may bring the example of nursing and physiotherapy students meeting with Derca Company, a professional recruitment agency in Albania with the head office in Dubai, which offers professional services in human resources. Offering students information on vacant positions relevant to their professions abroad, such as places in Europe, the US and the Middle East
  2. Work and Travel Program another opportunity offered to students of Aldent University for employment in the US during the summer season. It is an opportunity for them to improve their English language skills, become familiar with the local culture and get to know the different working processes in which they will get involved.
  3. Work and Study Fair, informs students on different employment opportunities offered by various companies and on scholarships for postgraduate studies at universities abroad.
  4. Information on various vacancies is distributed through publications in Aldent University premises, in electronic form on the web at of Aldent University, or in the Aldent University Facebook page, at Aldent University Official Website.
  5. Workshop is held at Aldent University premises and focused on issues such as : how to write a CV, how to write a cover letter, how to prepare for a successful job interview. These sessions are led by outside professionals who are occasionally invited by the University.
  6. Inclusion of the course the Art of Communication as part of the curriculum of several study programs in order to improve doctor-patient communication and communication among professionals.