The DeanFunctions and powers of the DeanThe mandate, appointment and dismissal of the DeanEnd of mandate of the Faculty Dean
  • The Dean is leading authority in each of the faculties of the University, the person who represents and acts on behalf of the faculty.


  • The Dean is part of the academic personnel who holds the title of “Professor”.
  1. The Dean has the following functions:
    1. Runs and represents the Faculty;
    2. Exerts control over the legitimacy of the leading authorities within the faculty.
  2. The Dean has the following added functions:
    • Suggests the name of the deputy Dean pending approval by the Rector, and appoints him after approval;
    • Suggests to the Rector candidates for heads of the base units of the respective faculties;
    • Appoints heads of educational groups (subject and inter-subject) upon the proposal of the head of the base unit;
    • Oversees the progress of the teaching and scientific activities in base units, by coordinating and cooperating with the heads of base unit;
    • Approves final examination commissions, also commissions of diploma certifications issued in the respective study fields, and any other commissions that help in accomplishing the tasks and objectives of the faculty;
    • Based on the needs the faculty and to aid its development, the Dean informs the Rector on vacancies and changes in the number of personnel and job positions regarding human resources of the faculty, in order to prepare for the recruitment process;
    • Establishes the ad hoc recruitment committee of the respective faculty;
    • Leads the recruitment process for the relevant faculty following Rector’s plan with regard to this process;
    • Presents to the Rector for approval, the list of registered students, for each academic year, for the continuation of studies in university programs covered by the respective faculty;
    • Presents to the Rector suggestions for expulsion of students, for cases provided for in the Rules of the Faculty;
    • Every year, presents to the Rectorate a report on teaching, scientific and financial activity of the faculty, after preliminary discussion and approval of this report by the deanery;
    • Organizes the contests for admission of new students in the faculty, oversees the proper functioning of the admission committees;
    • Approves internal regulations of units comprising the faculty;
    • Approves chairpersons and members of the examination commissions, admission committees, diploma examination boards; questions of entrance examinations, of final examinations and topics  for project – degrees, research projects and plans of  research personnel of the respective center or base units of learning and research, after being reviewed by the Deanery, upon the proposal of the head of the base unit
    • Announces the results admission contests;
    • Dean exercise his powers by issuing orders and directives;
    • In cases blatant or serious violations of law and regulations by the head of a base unit, the Dean suggests his dismissal to the Rector. The Rector makes a decision within a month. If the Rector does not respond within this period, the head of unit remains in office;
    • Dean appoints one of the heads of the scientific, research, and teaching (subject or inter-subject) groups from the unit where the violation occurred, to replace the suspended unit head, until the appointment of a new one.
    • Signs diplomas and cannot delegate his signature rights;

Dean performs other duties specified in the legislation in force in the University Statute or other acts.

  1. The Dean is appointed by the Rector, decreed in accordance with the provisions of this Statute and according to the procedures provided for in the Election Regulations of the University, with the right to be appointed only once in the same position.
  2. Individuals competing for the position of Dean may be members of the relevant academic faculty or individuals outside of the faculty, who hold the title of “Professor”. In cases the outside persons are winners in this process, they become members of the academic staff of the Faculty.
  3. The Dean of Faculty is appointed for a 4 year term, with the possibility of only one reappointment.
  4. In cases of flagrant or serious violations of the law or regulations by the Dean, the Rector orders his dismissal. He then assigns the Deputy Dean or one of the Deputy Deans, if there is more than one, to replace the discharged Dean, until the appointment of a new one.
    1. Dean’s mandate ends with the end of the period for which he was appointed.
    2. Dean’s mandate may end prematurely when he:
      • Resigns;
      • Is deceased;
      • Becomes physically or mentally incapable to fulfill his duties;
      • When his dismissal is decreed;
      • When he is sentenced for committing a penal offense by a final decision of the courts;