Master of Science in Clinical Physiotherapy

Master of Science in Clinical Physiotherapy


Formative objectives and characteristics of the study program

  • Master of Science in Clinical Physiotherapy is aimed to form a college with graduates in psychotherpy as experts in engagement, that also play an important role in the quality of physiotherapy, quality and safety of the patient. They will be largely seen as the partner of choice for interdisciplinary work in patient care and in the promotion and preservation of health, prevention of diseases.
  • The specific skills acquired during this training will help these skilled professionals to participate in the continuous care throughout the different rehabilitation practices while contributing to organizational changes in the general healthcare system.
  • All graduates may be employed in public or private healthcare institutions, in hospitals, in homes, organizations inside the healthcare system, geriatric services, mental-health services as well as in academic research.
Other entities public or private


o   Q. S. U. “Nënë Tereza” Tiranë,

o   Military Hospital,

o   Hospital of Lungs“Shefqet Ndroqi”,

o   The Health Center in Tirana,

o   The Center of Pain “Galenus”,

o   Maternity hospital “Koço Gliozheni”,

o   The American Hospital


o   The Private Physiotherapy Center, and others

The general formative framework of the study program:

The general framework of the formative study program takes into account the guidance of the Minister of Education and Science “For the organization of studies at public institutions of higher education”