Orientation of high school seniors and students includes a series of activities, which are designed to help young people pursue the proper direction for their future education and employment and to better implement the goals of their professional career.

Orientation is a very important issue in the policies followed by Aldent University policy, and that is why the university dedicates special attention to this issue, through its activities. At the same time, it has become an important part of the policies/strategies of national education and employment in Albania.

Aldent University conceives orientation as a key element of its work and is committed through the Office of Alumni and Career Counseling which focus their work in three main directions:

  • Orientation of high school seniors
  • Orientation of new students

Orientation policies at Aldent University include a series of activities which assist students and high school seniors in making educated decisions regarding selection of study programs and career counseling after the completion of studies.

Below is a list of the main activities developed by Aldent University, in cooperation with other state and private institutions.


Orientation of high school seniors

Information of high school seniors (graduates)

The goal of the information process is to provide students with clear goals and factual data regarding to their study program choice at Aldent University.

  1. This process is currently initiated by MoES (in previous years this was initiated by the University) and it determines: a) period of information b) representatives of Higher Education Institution c) Cooperation with institutions of secondary education in order to arrange the visits period time.
  2. ALU issues a decree detailing dates, composition of working groups, cities and schools where the orientation will take place.

(Attached the decree – 2016-2017)

  1. The team composed of internal academic staff of Aldent University, with representatives from each study program (Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Dental techniques) is divided into working groups. Before the team starts work in the field, it undergoes training period, which lasts for around two-three weeks.
    Staff training is intended to prepare the team to inform and to give orientationto high school seniors, by offering them detailed information regarding Aldent University and the study programs it offers. The team is trained on how to communicate more effectively and convey all information below:
  • On study programs offered by the ALU
  • On the period and proper credits for each study program
  • On licensing and accreditation of Bachelor, Professional Master, Master in Science and Long-term Specialization study programs.
  • On university infrastructure on both campuses; central campus and laboratories, clinics and laboratories of dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, physiotherapy.
  • On student practices in these labs, teaching auditors, library and audiovisual rooms, information on university’s actual teaching facilities.
  • On admissions process at this university, the application form which should be filled accompanied by all relevant documents specified in it.
  • On the Bologna system and credits.
  • On academic staff and their academic titles.
  • On the subjects with the respective credits for each study program.
  • On learning professional practices, students have the opportunity to participate in; at institutions Aldent University has signed agreements with, both state and private health centers.
  1. Advisory/informative sessions of high school seniors are carried out by a team of carefully selected people, in order to convey information to the graduates of high schools spread in major cities of the Republic of Albania such as: Tirana, Durres, Elbasan, Kavajë, Berat, Lushnje, Fier, Vlora, Tepelena, Memaliaj, Permet, Këlcyrë, Gjirokastra, Saranda, Pogradec, Korce, Shkoder, Burrel, Bulqizë, Dibër. Information is provided in several ways:
  • Through power-point presentations, which introduce all the necessary information and present views of Aldent University’s campuses; the main campus and laboratory premises
  • Through the distribution of leaflets and Aldent University catalog, which contains all the detailed information
  • Through verbal speech by ALU staff, part of the working group
  1. In the end, the group reports on the progress and interest displayed by high school seniors regarding the study programs offered by ALU.

Orientation procedures/policies for new students at Aldent University

  1. Orientation of new students

Student orientation week for first year students consists of introducing them to university facilities (classrooms, secretary, library, IT facilities, gym, etc.). Also they are introduced to professors and courses students will take during the first year, as well as the syllabus of each module. Students are given information on the exam seasons, the assessment methods, their rights and obligations. To each student is assigned a personal e-mail address and they are given access rights to the University portal. During this week students get acquainted with their academic mentor whom they may consult in case they encounter any problems during their time at University.