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Accreditation is a transparent procedure of quality control, during which an independent certifying body based on internationally comparable defined standards, decides if the university institutions or programs of study meet the minimum quality requirements. Accreditation procedures define the status and recognition of the institution, the legal status and the directions of research for a specific time Read More

Students from the Pharmacy DepartmentStudents from Gabriele d’ Annunzio University of Chieti in Pescara, Italy

Our Students from the Pharmacy Department:

  • Ajkuna Miha
  • Judita Perndrecaj
  • Doris Merko

under the Erasmus + program, attended the spring semester of 2019 and the academic studies at “Gabriele d`Annunzio” in Chieti, Italy. In addition to the academic studies they had the opportunity to participate in various tours in Italy, Poland; and in sports and entertainment activities with Italian and international students.

Italian Students:

  • Paola Campanella
  • Lucrezia Farina

from “Gabriele d`Annunzio” Chieti, Italy, followed the spring semester of the academic year 2019 at Aldent University under the Erasmus + program. They had the possibility also to know Albania, its rich culture and its gastronomy.

PPROM – Two weeks ProjectGraduation CeremonyThe International Qualification Program

Aldent University in collaboration with the Medical University of Silesia, Katowice, Poland has implemented during September 2019 a two weeks Project “ PROM: International Scholarship Exchange of PhD Candidates and academic staff “. The program was financed from European Social Fund within the Polish Operation Programme Knowledge Education Development”. The main focus of the program was: Observance of practical skills in Stomatology and Presentation of skills in practical physiotherapy and physio-prophylaxis. The program was attended by academic staff: Stela Panteqi and Ajola Nasti from our Faculty of Dentistry and Fregen Dedja from the Department of Physiotherapy.

Aldent University has organized on July 12, 2019 in cooperation with the Office for Foreign Relations of the University of Istinye, Istanbul, Turkey the graduation ceremony of “The International Qualification Program” for 11 students from the Departments of Physiotherapy and Nursing. Students were provided with certificates for the development of medical practices at Liv Hospital and Medical Park Hospital in Istanbul. This experience served to the students to better know and experience the quality of medical services in Turkey. In addition, this experience enriched their medical knowledge and capacity at the international required levels.

Aldent University has organized in collaboration with the University of Istinye, Istanbul, Turkey “The International Qualification Program” for 11 students from our Departments of Physiotherapy and Nursing from 1-12 July 2019.

Students had the opportunity to perform medical practices at Liv Hospital and Medical Park Hospital, 2 well-known Turkish hospitals. They also became acquainted with Turkish culture through various visits in the city of Istanbul.


 ALDENT is a university specialized only in the medical field. The teaching staff consists of the best specialists in relevant fields,The University is very well equipped with laboratories and it has  available and appropriate means of teaching practical skills  most of who have specialized in Italy, Germany, and U.S. etc.This makes it possible to offer our students special attention and adequate space.Read More

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