The overall objectives of the study program Bachelor in Nursing

The main objective:

Overall prepares nurses both theoretically and practically, able to work in all medical profiles and above all to serve patients by inducing in them a sense of respect and love.

Specific objectives:

Acquisition of theoretical and practical knowledge on basic sciences, humanities and professional.

Coping with different models  and concepts, their benefits and limitations in various settings, as well as various professional models.

Identification of professional and personal values.

Achieving nursing competencies through acquisition, continuing education and the quality of relationships.

In the first study year specific practical objectives are:

The discovery of the basic concepts on personality, health, disease, basic needs and the discovery of the role of the nurse, basic care and the working conditions.

Classification of basic needs level is based on:

Independence Addiction
Extraction of interactions for every need
Identification of nursing diagnosis
setting care goals.

In the second year:

Relationship between different medico-surgical pathologies. The student must be able to:
To gather the information that allow identification of the patent’s needs
To study the needs and to rank them according to their importance
Mention medical diagnosis
Determine the actions prescribed by the doctor
Nursing diagnose
Draft targets under its role
Transmit information

In the third year:

Understanding the role of professional mastery throughout the care process. The student must be able to:

Collect the necessary data
Synthetically analyze the situation
Mention medical diagnosis
Specify the actions of the nurse prescribed by the doctor

 Nursing diagnose
Define the objectives of care
Organize cares according to his role

 Transmit information

 Evaluate the effectiveness of interventions
Review his plan of care

The study program in Nursing science a promotes a special health profession and has a vital function to health promotion, disease prevention, health and pain reduction. Professional nurse at the end of his/her studies is able to plan, perform, evaluate and document the nursing process in the areas of health promotion, disease prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and development of his profession.

The graduates will work in close conjunction with other health professionals and social, hospital environments, clinics and polyclinics, at home, in school, and sports centers, homes for the elderly, industrial and commercial facilities, psychiatric and  mental care centers , educational institutions, etc.

The learning method represents a combination of lectures, seminars, assignments, practical-clinical training, demonstrations with patients, working groups, projects, monitoring, accompaniment and supervision in the different health institutions.

The objectives will be achieved through the assistance that the University provides, the conditions and tools that are available to the student’s formation:

Auditorium equipped with their basic material
Practical laboratories equipped with their basic material
Hospitals and health institutions for clinical practices

Nursing program is divided into six semesters and the overall duration is three academic years, equivalent to 180 ECTS.
Each semester has 30 credits.