Master of Science in Pharmacy

Mission and goals of the study program “Integrated Master of Science in Pharmacy”

The mission of the University “ALDENT” is to prepare pharmacists with prominent theoretical – practical formation , able to cope with the ever increasing requirements of our medical system in general and pharmaceuticals in particular.


Graduate students at the end of studies will have sufficient knowledge on:

Fundamentals of Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, and many other aspects of the human

Fiziopathological aspects of the organism as well as knowledge of some of his main diseases.
On different groups of drugs, their origin, methods of absorption and elimination from the

Organic chemistry, inorganic, physical and colloidal and many aspects of chemical analysis.
They will receive the appropriate knowledge:
Pharmaceutical technologies and the preparation of various drugs
Physical, chemical, biological and microbiological testing of these drugs
Metabolism and pharmaceutical effects of this products in the organism
Accurate recognition of their side effects
Legal requirements relating to the activity of pharmacy
Warehousing, storage and distribution of pharmaceutical products
Organization of the activity in the public and private pharmacies
Ethical, deontological and humane aspects of  the pharmacist profession.

All the above objectives are formulated according to Directive 2005/36 / EC of the Council on Ministers of the European Parliament and in accordance to the Law on Higher Education of the Ministry of Education of Albania.
Apart  from  lectures and seminars  a sufficient number of practical  laboratory hours are planned in order to get qualified students not only theoretically but also practically.
The program also provide sufficient credits for professional practice which will take place in the last sixth months of the fifth year.
Practice will enable students to work in different public and private pharmacies and to be able to work you will do after graduation.
Creating conditions for realization of these goals is our main goal.
Each year a limited number of students will be accepted. Having small student groups during lectures and seminars and laboratory hours will enable maximum control and the realization of more experiments by students.


    This program is part of the second cycle of study.
The denomination of the diploma: Master of Science in Pharmacy.
The duration of the program of study: 5 academic years – 10 semesters
Total ECTS: 300 ECTS
Form of study: This study program is full time

Curriculum Integrated Study in Pharmacy
Lesson plan is designed according to the following criteria and elements:

Year / semesters – 5 academic years / 10 semesters
Credits per year – 60 ECTS