Mission and goals of the Bachelor in Dental Technology:

The mission of “ALDENT” University is to prepare senior dental technician  with prominent professional skills able to answer the ever increasing demands of our patients and dentists.   Ongoing relationship with many known national and international professions is intended to create optimal conditions for students aiming:

To be able to answer the high functional and aesthetics requisites that are required today.
Have knowledge in modern methods and Prosthetic dental technology.
To acquire the necessary knowledge in the areas that will be strengthened even more in the future, such as: bio-functional dentures, implantology, Orthodontics etc.
Formation on professionalism and ethics and the sense of commitment to the work.

To be able to be introduced as soon as possible to working environment, coordinating the preparation with managerial skills and professional marketing.

All these objectives are intended to be realized on the basis of a clearly defined strategy of the entity’s governing bodies.

The strategy is related to the consolidation of this study program, accurate verification market needs for dental technology, current technologies and expected trends in the future. In view  an effective program for professional and practical training of students has been prepared.

As an important part of our strategy for the future is the growth of further cooperation with various dental associations in Albania to create the possibility of introducing our students to interested parties.

In the long run the school will place special emphasis on deepening the cooperation relationships with large manufactures from around the world, which initiate and implement new materials and working methods in dentistry.

The study program “Senior Dental Technology”

Organization of the study program

Based on the laws and bylaws;
Higher Education Law 9741/2007, Decision no. 673, dated 09/22, 2006 and in all the MES guidelines for study programs of the first level) ALDENT University offers:

1- Bachelor in “Dental Technology”

2- Duration 2- 3 academic years / 6 semesters
3- 180 ECTS
4- Full time study
5 Degree offered: “Senior Dental Technology”