Administration BoardStructure of the Administration BoardMandate of the Administration Board and of its membersFirst meeting of the Administration BoardMeeting of the Administration BoardThe validity of meeting and of the decisions of the Administration BoardOther participants in the meeting of the Administration Board
  1. Administration Board is the highest collegial administrative body, which guarantees the implementation of the mission of the institution, and the administrative and financial progress, also the management of movable and immovable property.
  2. Functions of the Administration Board of the University are as follows:
    • ensures the financial stability of the institution and the fulfillment of its mission;
    • approves the Financial Regulations of the University;
    • establishes rules for the distribution of income acquired by the University as the result of its activity, as well as oversees the use of financial resources;
    • it is responsible for setting the criteria and procedures for hiring managers and administrative staff of the University based on its rules and regulations;
    • appoints and dismisses administrator of ALU;
    • approves the Statute of the institution in advance, before forwarding it to the Academic Senate;
    • approves a detailed annual report of the institution’s activity, drafted by the Rectorate;
    • approves the level of salaries for all staff of the institution and other pays as defined in law.
    • through the Rector, Rectorate, Deans, more specialized committees or honorary representatives, helps create connections with other Universities and ALU counterparts at home and abroad;
    • recommends to the head Administrator the necessary changes in infrastructure (learning environment and technology, new teaching and education literature, etc.), the academic quality (qualifications of the academic body, financial incentives, creating connections with counterpart institutions, etc.) and ALU activities (conferences, meetings, public events, marketing, etc.).
    • Decisions, guidelines, rules and requirements of the Board are relayed to academic staff and administrative staff by the Rector. Relevant documents are signed by the Chairman of the Board.
  1. Administration Board consists of three members with experience, reputation and contribution in administrative issues, economic, social-cultural and in the field of higher education and science, also part-time employees. Selected members have a 5 year term, selected and approved by the Assembly of shareholders / partners of the University Founders Society.
  2. University management authorities (Rector, University administrator, directors of the main units, heads of other units and administrators of the main units) cannot be members of the Administration Board. Certain management authorities may be invited to attend meetings of the Administration Board, for issues relating to the sectors they cover.

The mandate of a member of the Administration Board is prematurely terminated if the member:

  1. Resigns as a member of the Administration Board;
  2. Terminates the work contract with the University;
  3. Is deceased;
  4. Does not participate in more than half of the meetings held during the academic year;
  5. Convicted of a criminal offense by a final court decision.
  6. Administration Board recognizes the vacancy by issuing a declaratory statement.
  7. The vacancy created as the result of premature termination of the mandate of a member of the Administration Board, is filled by another person belonging to the same group or category as the departed member.
  1. The first meeting of the Administration Board is convened by the Rector;
  2. At this meeting, the Chairman of the Administration Board is elected from among the members of the internal board, with two-thirds of the vote of all members of the Board.
  3. The Chairman of the Board is also elected in those cases when his mandate has prematurely been terminated or when the Chairman resigns from duty.
  1. As a rule the Administration Board meets at least once in 2 months.
  2. Board Meeting is convened by the Chairman of the Administration Board or two of its members.
  3. The meeting may also be convened upon request of the Rector of the University.

The meeting is convened by written notification which includes the agenda, at least several days before the set date of the meeting. Person-s responsible for calling the meeting in addition to the meeting’s agenda, also report / distribute materials on matters to be considered at the meeting. Preparation and announcement procedure of the agenda and other materials follows internal rules for the movement and management of documentation.

Meetings of the Administration Board are headed by the Chairman.

  1. Meetings are valid only when attended by no less than half of the members of the Administration Board. If the meetings are attended by less than half of the members, then the meeting is postponed for another date.
  2. Members of the Administration Board exercise their own functions. They cannot delegate their vote to another member or vote on behalf of another member.
  3. The voting process of the Administration Board is open.
  4. The Administration Board makes decisions by a simple majority, except for decisions when a qualified majority is required under the provisions of this Statute.
  5. Decisions of the Administration Board, as a rule, are reviewed by the Chairman and they become effective immediately. The Administration Board may determine in the decision document the time of its entry into force.
  1. The Rector and Administrator of the institution have the right to attend meetings of the Administration Board but they have no voting rights. They may participate any time they choose to do so or when called by the Board.
  2. Experts from various fields, who have knowledge of the issues being discussed at the meeting of the Administration Board, may be called to attend. Specialists can be internal or external.
  3. The Administrator of the University appoints a person to keep of the minutes of meetings, part of the secretary of the Administration Board.
  4. Part of the technical secretary will also be considered other persons, administration officials who provide explanations during the meeting regarding the materials presented and issues being discussed.