Vision and Mission of “Aldent” University

  • ALU’s vision involves the foundation of a high quality higher education institution that provides a values system of professionalism and civilisation, aiming, through an interdisciplinary education, to prepare committed and integrated professionals in an active social environment in line with the national development strategy. 
  • The management of Aldent University are committed to be faithful to their initial vision: “A higher education institution dedicated solely to medical sciences, and which develops gradually.” 


  • The mission of “Aldent” University includes:
    • Providing higher education and creative activity for students in the field of medicine, with the aim of achieving our professional goals in and outside the country, in compliance with the requirements and needs of the society;  
    • Developing and preserving knowledge through teaching and academic activity; 
    • Preparing young students in the medical field, through university teaching-scientific programmes at an advanced and contemporary theoretical, methodological and practical level; 
    • Furthering professional and scientific qualification of the senior specialists in the field of medicine, while offering good opportunities for acquiring higher education and life-long learning; 
    • Contributing in support of the strategic priorities and interests of the country’s development; 
    • Increasing cooperation with foreign universities or other international powerful manufacturing companies or firms in the field of medicine. 



To this end, there are certain objectives which can be achieved during this development period: 

Aldent University is to be expanded with another faculty. Thus, in the future ALU will be composed of three faculties in the medical field. This will be in accordance with the actual Law on Higher Education in the Republic of Albania and other by-laws. 

This will be accomplished through a reorganisation of the institution’s structure. For this reason during this period the necessary documentation will be prepared and will be submitted to MAS, in order to obtain the relevant permits. (Deadline: December 2016). 

If a reorganisation permit and the opening of a new faculty are approved, then the need for drafting a new statute will arise (February 2016). 

For the purpose of the functioning of this new structure, the relevant documentation for the launching of some new study programmes will be drafted. The start-up of new academic programmes has the following main goals: 

  • fulfilling the range of study programmes of a proper medical university;
  • meeting the needs of the country for certain study programmes that do not have the necessary number of specialists in the market (such as Master of Science in General Physics, Master in Nursing, etc.) or are not provided at all in Albania (such as Bachelor of Imagery and Radiology, Professional Master in Advanced Dental Techniques, etc.);
  • increasing the number of students studying at ALU and consequently increasing the institution’s income, by generating more opportunities for investment and development.


Due to ALU’s continuous development, finding a suitable site for the construction of a new campus is deemed necessary, in order to meet these key requirements: 

  • having the necessary surface to build premises for teaching classes, housing, parking, etc;
  • being in an easily accessible area for students and staff;
  • being in an area where public transportation is frequent;
  • being in a quiet, noiseless and nonindustrial area, suitable for school constructions;
  • location nearby residential areas would be an advantage;
  • the purchase of this site should be followed by the draft of an suitable project for the construction of University premises (September 2016 – April 2017);
  • these buildings should be as functional with the space needed for maximum learning conditions as possible;
  • during projection, it is important to reflect all the changes of the legislation for this purpose (The conditions and criteria for construction of school buildings in Albania change frequently and should therefore be projected within the maximum limit stipulated in the current legislation.);
  • their capacity should be sufficient for an expected number of students for the coming years, for about 1500-2000 students;
  • provision of sufficient space for open sports facilities that are currently not sufficient;
  • completion of its construction is planned approximately by September-October 2019, with the aim of starting the academic year 2019-2020 in the new premises.

Considering the possibility of adding laboratories and equipping them with all the necessary equipment for a better practical learning practice. Under this frame, the possibility of more informatics laboratories shall be reviewed, in order to better concretise this subject in the current conditions.

  • If the launching of new study programmes, such as General Medicine, Imagery and Radiology is approved, then laboratories should be added for these study programmes, including the opening of a general medical diagnostic clinic.

Improving the student computer management system by adding new rubrics to the existing modules or adding new modules such as documentation of input and output documents/letters from the institution, institutional management of the institution, including students and staff, human resource management, etc. Further support and increase of protecting the system from external interventions is a constant duty of the institution.


Involving all pedagogical, assistant pedagogical and administrative staff to enhance the level of teaching in the ALU, especially in terms of enhancing interactive methods;

Continuous improvement of lectures and updating them with new skills, so that students are as familiar as possible with new methods and ways of treating patients;

Increasing hours of laboratories and academic practices, so that students are well-prepared for the job market. In this framework, cooperation with public and private medical institutions shall be increased, especially with those institutions where our students carry out their practicum;

Increasing the collaboration between firms, manufacturing companies and organisations in and outside the country that contribute in several ways:

  • Introducing new technologies in use and training of staff and students for these technologies;
  • Organising courses, different workshops, etc;
  • Organising online lectures;
  • Providing additional literature for different medical fields;
  • Cooperation on providing the appropriate curricula for the most requested directions in Europe;
  • Creating conditions for increasing staff and students mobility;
  • Establishing cooperation agreements with the aim of preparing our students for the European labour market, especially in the fields of nursing, physiotherapy, general medicine, dental laboratory;
  • Mediating for ALU students to be hired abroad in the most required medical professions;
  • Future enhancement of student-lecturer interaction through different computer platforms, such as ALU’s web, google education, facebook etc.;
  • Further improvement of the tutor’s role as an important factor in the student’s well-being;
  • Adding data for those students managed by the tutor in the ALU computer system;
  • Increasing the amount of books in the University libraries with the latest publications and adding online libraries.


Scientific research will be one of the main directions of the ALU’s work for this period. In fact, our institution has the human and monetary capacities needed for the scientific research to be expanded with a qualitative step.
Increasing the cost of the research service that will serve:

a) Adding new research labs;
b) Adding various new equipment;
c) Increasing the supply of materials that serve the research;
d) Sponsoring staff participation in important international events;
e) Sponsoring staff participation in workshops and trainings in the country;

f)Sponsoring fees for publications in important international scientific journals;
g) Sponsoring conferences organised by ALU staff and students or organised by other homologous institutions, associations etc.;
h) Sponsoring the publication of an online magazine by ALU itself.


Outcomes and aims of ALU cannot be achieved without the contribution of a qualified and committed staff.
The management of ALU shall pay due attention to these main directions:
a) Developing and promoting staff for personal quality development;
b) Assisting staff to achieve their goals in academic qualifications such as obtaining academic degrees and titles;
c) Enhancing their career growth;
d) Being careful with the recruitment of new staff, especially in organising competitions for vacancies, in order to achieve equality of recruitment through more transparent procedures;
e) Providing as comfortable working conditions as appropriate, such offices equipped with the necessary equipment, appropriate computer systems, etc.;
f) Implementing the teaching staff load in accordance with ALU statute and regulations;
g) Meeting their motivated demands in the field of research, publishing and academic growth;
h) Sponsoring cultural recreation events with ALU staff;
i) Rewarding those employees with the best performance at work.



The ALU is currently characterised by a consolidated financial condition, yet due to a series of factors that may change in the future, the strategy must consist in these main directions:

  • Diversifying the financial resources of the institution by increasing in particular the income from services to the third parties, such as clinical services, services provided by the institution’s laboratories, participation in local, regional or European projects etc. The possibility of benefitting from grants, sponsorships or various donations shall be reviewed.
  •  In order to increase the number of students and especially of those excellent ones, we will provide financial facilitation for the continuation of their studies at ALU, such as:
    • Reasonable tuition fees to be competitive with other market actors that provide the same study programme;
    •  Unchanged tuition fees for all years of education regardless of the level of inflation;
    • Sponsorship of student government’s organisations, such as the organisation of student conferences, summer schools, cultural events, sports, etc.;
    •  Study scholarships for distinguished students, for students from marginalised groups, etc.;
    •  Free of charge treatment for some of patients in ALU clinics in order to help those in need, but also to provide a sufficient number of patients for the students. With a competent and careful management of its financial resources, ALU is able to achieve the abovementioned strategy and at the same time to maintain a stable financial condition.