Leading Bodies, Leading Authorities and other governing bodies

  • At “Aldent” University the governing bodies and other authorities are:
    1. Academic Senate;
    2. Rectorate;
    3. Dean’s offices;
    4. Assemblies of the main academic units;
    5. The Council of Ethics;
    6. Permanent Commission in the field of curricula and standards;
    7. Permanent Committee in the area of scientific research;
    8. Permanent Commission of scientific titles;
    9. Internal Quality Assurance Unit;
    10. Administrative Board.
  • Leading authorities at “Aldent” University are:
    1. The Rector;
    2. Deans;
    3. Heads of Departments;
    4. Directors of scientific research centers;
    5. University Administrator;
    6. Administrators of other main units;