Functions of Career Counseling Office



The mission of this office is to provide a better approach for the students in the labor market, improving the quality of their education and supporting and encouraging the full development of their potential


The career counseling office aims to inform students about study programs and orientation of professional education through the cooperation of students with faculty departments, the pursuit of professional practice attendance through interagency cooperation in the labor marker for an effective transition from the academic world to the professional one.


Description of the Counseling Services Office

–           Informing prospective students (graduates) about the study programs, UAL’s admission standards and their personal and professional presceptive.

–           Providing bonds between students, academic and administrative staff for their academic progress during their studies.

–           Orientating and providing professional practices in the institution in accordance to the profile of the study program.

–           Creating a database for all students of ALUMNI UAL, with full information about their employment and professional career, continuous communication and organization of the activities to inform students about the current labor market approaches.

–           Securing the appropriate contacts with potential employers in order to promote our students in securing new employment opportunities.

–           Supporting for the search of employment. (Preparation of an application, CV, cover letter, interview, etc.)

–           Trainings / workshops for the development of attitudes and skills that can increase the chances of graduates in the labor market.

–           Organization of round tables, seminars, conferences of alumni, current students that through mutual cooperation can gain access to information and opportunities for further training which will result into more qualifications and to further development of their professional skills.  

–           A step by step career instruction to create the possibility of involvement in the labor market of those who are not yet become part of this market depending on a their individual abilities and inclinations.

–           Inclusion in the labor market from as many students and UALalumni, as an indicator of the development and growth of UAL, while promoting and increasing the positive image of the university and its alumni.

–           Processing of statistical data regarding the number of current students  in UAL, the number of graduate students at this university and other information.

–           Creating an album with the demographics and pictures of former students employed or self-employed in the labor centers where they work and the creation of a professional institutional history.

–           Completing a contact form during meetings and communications to each student according to the attached format.




The career counseling office organizes a variety of activities during the academic year, which are connected directly with students of Aldent. To enable students for involvement and high commitment to these activities, the office has created ” Student Volunteer Group coming from each branch (Dentistry, Pharmacy, dental laboratory technology, Physiotherapy and Nursing) every year.

Through the voluntary commitment of its students, the student career office aims to encourage students to become part of volunteering in general and to be more involved in activities to have a better performance in the labor market.

Some of the activities organized are as follows:

  • Workshops
  • Trainings
  • Info Day
  • Open Meetings
  1. Workshops

The Career Counseling Office during the academic year organizes workshops on different topics, which take place every month at the career office. The aim of these workshops is orientation and preparation of the students attending Aldent University, for a better presentation of their various studies ongoing for possible scholarships, training and employment opportunities in the labor market.

The topics in these workshops are:

  • How to write a CV?
  • How to write a cover letter?
  • How to prepare for a successful interview?
  • How to write professionally?




Trainings consist on the discussion of some specific issues, which serve to improve skills and increase the level of student performance in their field of study or in the work environment.

Career Center in constant cooperation with various institutions, private clinics, private and state hospitals, throughout the academic year develops training with topics such as:

Info Day 

“Info DAY” or “Info – Tour” is one of the most frequent activities of the career office, organized to inform students about activities where they can take advantage of valuable experience opportunities related their studies or extra-curricular activities. The first activity “Info Tour” serves as an information campaign in all the faculty premises, while “Info Day” is arranged in a faculty environment in a given day, during which all the details of application are given and details on how to take advantage of such scholarships.

November is the month of information for all students of UAL. Through “Info DAY” or “Info – Tour”, the career office aims at presenting the different services and opportunities offered by these offices, such as:

  1. Office of Career Counseling.
  2. NES – Network of Students of Excellence



Opening Meetings

The Career Center in cooperation with the University of Tirana and the Network of Students of Excellence organizes “opening meetings” for the student from various fields. In these open meetings, students are given the opportunity to communicate directly with the professional personalities across disciplines such as that of dentistry, pharmacy, physiotherapy, nursing.




The composition of the Counseling Office:

MSc. Gerta Kupi

[email protected]

MSc: Clinical Psychology

  • Adela ALUSHI
  • Almir Skana
  • Ajola Nasti
  • Eldores Sulaj
  • Fregen Dedja
  • Mirva Hoxha
  • Xhilda Xhelilaj



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