Mission and goals of the study program “Bachelor in Physiotherapy”


Preparation of professionals in physiotherapy, with knowledge of  professional theoretical and practical competences, able to work in the rehabilitation sector, in accordance with the norms prescribed by the European Community.


Acquisition of  theoretical and practical knowledge in  basic biomedical sciences, human and social and professional clinic physiotherapy.
Gaining the skills necessary to carrying out activities in an autonomous way through interventions for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of motors areas, superior cortical functions and visceral consequences of various congenital and acquired pathologies.

A graduate in Physiotherapy at the end of his studies will be able to:

Elaborate his rehabilitative program in the framework of a multidisciplinary team in order individualize treatment and meet the health needs of disabled people, practicing in complete independence therapeutic activities for the functional rehabilitation of disabled motor, psychomotor and cognitive using physical therapy, manual, and ergo-therapeutic,  maso-therapeutic.
Exercise of the profession based on principles of the ethical professional code.
Contribute actively in a democratic society by confirming society’s values and norms of social health policy.
Develop his creativity by being innovative in his work and on knowledge’s use.
Modify the therapeutic activities pursued in order to achieve the functional recovery of the patient.
Educate the patient about the adaptation and use of prostheses and other accessories, and verifies their effectiveness.


Study Cycle: This program is part of the first cycle of study.
The denomination of the diploma; Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy
Duration of study program: 3 years – 6 semesters
Total ECTS: 180 ECTS
Form of study: This study program is full time

Teaching plan
Lessons plan is designed following this criteria:

3 academic years / 6 semesters
Credits per year – 60 ECTS