Bachelors in Medical Laboratory Technician

The objectives of the program:

The objective of this program is to prepare a new, advanced and capable generation of medical laboratory technicians to correspond to the present needs.

The development of contemporary curricula and especially the creation of the maximal conditions needed for the theoretical and practical realization is our main objective. The accepting rate of new incoming students will be around 30 students every year. The acceptance of this new number of students will allow the opportunity for the learning groups in lectures and seminars and especially in externships to be small in order to optimize maximal control and support. The advantages of this program in comparison to other programs are listed below:

Fistly, the small number of students in comparison to other similar public or private programs.

Secondly, the spacious and many accommodations of the school.

Thirdly, “Aldent” cooperates with many popular firms known internationally which provide us with the possibility of introducing modern teaching equipment and technologies in the field of medical laboratories.

Fourthly, the teaching staff is highly qualified and especially motivated; it is a guarantee for positive results.


The study plan: This program partakes in the first cycle of study.

Name of degree: Bachelor’s degree in Medical Laboratory Science

Length of the study program: 3 years – 6 semesters

Total ECTS: 180 ECTS

Study form: This is a full time study program.

The curriculum:

The curriculum is developed by adhering to the following criteria and elements:

3 academic years / 6 Semesters

Credits per year – 60 ECTS